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I'm trying to display my org's client list geographically on tableau maps, but the map isn't able to recognize a lot of cities (1000+ missing)! Has any one faced this problem before, if so can you provide me with some solution?



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The following Knowledge Base articles on mapping basics with Tableau may help to resolve the issue.

If assistance is still required, then I'd suggest contacting Tableau's support team. It's recommended that support cases are created via the Customer Portal or via the webform. Failing that, just email support@tableausoftware.com (via your registered email address) describing the problem, along with screenshots and a packaged workbook.

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I googled up WMS, but I couldn't find any service specific to my use, displaying all the cities in the world correctly.....I've opened a request case via the webform. Thanks for the suggestion! –  sagar Sep 20 '13 at 9:25

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