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I am trying to setup billing agreement with paypal express checkout method in my magento test server.

I did all settings as per below magento wiki blog.

and I also enabled reference transaction settings in my paypal manager account as per below link.

all settings are looks like OK, but after placing an order with paypal express checkout and selecting billing agreement option yes for customer, I am able to place order successfully but it is not creating any billing agreement in my account and even I am not able to see any billing agreement in admin customer account section.

If I am trying to create new billing agreement from my account its giving below error.

"PayPal gateway has rejected request. Merchant not enabled for reference transactions (#11452: Merchant not enabled for reference transactions)."

Can anyone help me on this please?

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I contact paypal technical support and they enabled reference transaction settings for my sandbox account and it is working now. :) – Akhilesh Patel Sep 18 '13 at 7:21
Then add it as an answer and mark the question as solved – Samuel Coman Nov 10 '15 at 9:23

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