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I am trying to write a simple bash script on Ubuntu 12.10 which stores the result of the pwd command in a variable and then checks the value of that variable in an if command to see if it matches a particular string. But I keep getting an error because it treats the content of that variable as a directory itself and keeps giving the error "No such file or directory"

The program is as below:

if [$myvar -eq /home/vicky] #fails this check as variable myvar contains /home/vicky
    echo correct
    echo incorrect

Any help would be appreciated

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Are you aware that saying $(pwd) or $PWD would return you the directory from where you are executing the script and not the directory where the script is located? –  devnull Sep 18 '13 at 7:10
Yeah. this example is just for practice. To see how I can return the output of a command in a variable and then do some conditional programming. –  Vikram Chakrabarty Sep 18 '13 at 8:25

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The proper form for that is

if [ "$myvar" = /home/vicky ]  ## Need spaces and use `=`.

And since you're in bash, you don't need to use pwd. Just use $PWD. And also, it's preferrable to use [[ ]] since variables are not just to word splitting and pathname expansion when in it.

if [[ $myvar == /home/vicky ]]

Or simply

if [[ $PWD == /home/vicky ]]
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