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I'm having trouble working out how to turn my structure of nested records to / from a proplist. I can turn individual records into a proplist with:

lists:zip(record_info(fields,typea), tl(tuple_to_list(Atypea))).

but this obviously falls over when the structure of the record contains lists of other records like so:

-record(typec, {
  id = 0,
  name = <<"typec">>,

-record(typeb, {
  id = 0,
  name = <<"typeb">>,
  typec_list = [],

-record(typea, {
  id = 0,
  name = <<"typea">>,
  typec_list = [],
  typeb_list = [],

Any idea how I can achieve this, please?

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This could work:

to_proplist(C = #typec{}) -> lists:zip(record_info(fields, typec), tl(tuple_to_list(C)));
to_proplist(B = #typeb{}) ->
    B1 = B#typeb{typec_list = [to_proplist(C) || C <- B#typeb.typec_list]},
    lists:zip(record_info(fields, typeb), tl(tuple_to_list(B1)));
to_proplist(A = #typea{}) ->
    A1 = A#typea{typec_list = [to_proplist(C) || C <- A#typea.typec_list]},
    A2 = A1#typea{typeb_list = [to_proplist(B) || B <- A1#typea.typeb_list]},
    lists:zip(record_info(fields, typea), tl(tuple_to_list(A2))).

If you want to save the hassle of extending this for every involved type, I have just found this runtime record_info, however I haven't tried it yet.

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Thank you, that works perfectly, I dont think ill need to use the runtime_record_info module you linked, but its nice to know that it exists! –  Stowelly Sep 18 '13 at 9:27

Variation of the solution given by filmor is as below

to_proplist(Record) ->

to_proplist(Type = #typea{}, []) ->
    lists:zip(record_info(fields, typea), to_list(Type));

to_proplist(Type = #typeb{}, []) ->
    lists:zip(record_info(fields, typeb), to_list(Type));

to_proplist(Type = #typec{}, []) ->
    lists:zip(record_info(fields, typec), to_list(Type));

to_proplist([NotAType | Rest], Res) ->
    to_proplist(Rest, [to_proplist(NotAType,[])| Res]);

to_proplist([], Res) ->

to_proplist(Val, []) ->

to_list(Type) ->
    [to_proplist(L,[]) || L <- tl(tuple_to_list(Type))].

This will work for all combinations of the records. Only by adding a case clause additional records can be supported. Example:

to_proplist(Type = #typed{}, []) ->
        lists:zip(record_info(fields, typed), to_list(Type));
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Nice tidy solution, thanks! –  Stowelly Sep 21 '13 at 11:37

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