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I've a JFrame with a JMenuBar and JMenu in it. In ever JMenu there are several JMenuItem. I just want to add a listener to these JMenuItem, so when I click on one of it, something happens. The code is:

public class FinestraOrario extends JFrame

private int semester;
private DBConnection connection = new DBConnection();
private Container c = this.getContentPane();
private JMenu subjMnu = new JMenu("Insegnamento");
private JMenu classMnu = new JMenu("Aula");
private JMenu profMnu = new JMenu("Docente");

    public FinestraOrario(int i)
        semester = i;

        //Define menus
        JMenuBar bar = new JMenuBar();
        JMenu choice = new JMenu("Visualizza Orario per..");

        //Define frame features

        //Add JMenu

        //populate Menus

    private void populateMenu ()

        //data from database which populate the JMenu as JmenuItem
        ArrayList<String[]> subjctesAndClasses= connection.getSemesterData(semester, "");

        ArrayList<String[]> teachers = connection.getSemesterData(semester, "keep theachers");

        Iterator<String[]> i=subjctesAndClasses.iterator(); 
        Iterator<String[]> j=teachers.iterator(); 

        Set<String> set1  = new HashSet<String>();
        Set<String> set2  = new HashSet<String>();
        Set<String> set3  = new HashSet<String>();

                while(i.hasNext())      //check values
                    String[] value=i.next();    
                    String subject = value[1];  //value contains at subjects at index 1 and classes at index 2
                    String class=value[2];
                    set1.add(subject);          //erase duplicate

        //getting value without duplicates
        for (String s: set1)
            JMenuItem item = new JMenuItem(s);

        for (String s: set2)
            JMenuItem item = new JMenuItem(s);


                while(j.hasNext())          //idem for teacher
                    String[] value=j.next();            
                    String teacher = value[0];

        for (String s: set3)
        {profMnu.add(new JMenuItem(s));}


How can I add listeners to every JMenuItem?

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you call item.addActionListener() ? –  subsub Sep 18 '13 at 8:23

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Add following after JMenuItem item = new

 item.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {

        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)

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Ok, thanks. But it does not work at all: I have a method in FinestraOrario and if I call it from public void actionPerformed(..) it does not answer. How is it possible? –  Bernheart Sep 18 '13 at 8:59
What's the problem? you can test by printing some string when menuItem is clicked. –  TheKojuEffect Sep 18 '13 at 9:11
Yes it works, but in my project I have to call a method when the item is clicked. And the method is not called.. –  Bernheart Sep 18 '13 at 9:13

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