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I'm trying to run 'sudo chef-client' on all nodes. To do that, I'm trying to run command:

sudo knife ssh name:* 'sudo chef-client'

but get errors with connection to machine

WARNING: Failed to connect to -- Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed: *chef_workstation_user_name*@*node_name*

The nodes are real machines in local network. I've registered nodes by running

sudo knife bootstrap node_ip_address -x node_name -P node_pass --sudo

When I'm running

sudo knife ssh name:node_name -x node_user -P node_pass 'sudo chef-client'

it still asks local machine's (node) password and then runs chef-client with superuser permissions.

So the question is how to run 'sudo chef-client' on all nodes in my situation?

P.S. All nodes have different superuser name

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sudo knife ssh 'name:*' 'sudo chef-client' instead of

sudo knife ssh name:* 'sudo chef-client'

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Seems there is no difference between these commands. The problem is in another thing: for example, workstation user name is workstation_user, node's machine user is node_user and machine's name is node_machine. So in this case, when I'm running "sudo knife ssh 'name:*' 'sudo chef-client'", it tries to connect to workstation_user@node_machine, instead of node_user@node_machine, which is correct. – Hroft Sep 18 '13 at 9:04

Specify the user you want connect to the instance as with -x. for example.

sudo knife ssh 'name:*' 'sudo chef-client' -x ubuntu
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