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Dear StackOverflow community,

I'm implementing Google Analytics into my website that is made on top of Joomla CMS.

In current step I need to insert the JavaScript code snippet in every page file on the site I want to track.

I guess I need to put the code only in one file somewhere inside of Joomla file hierarchy to avoid putting it on every possible html file. Do you think this is the correct approach ?

Any suggestions where this code should be placed ?

Thank you all!

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You could use this plugin. Just install it and in backend copy the analytics code into it.

The another possibility is to insert the code into template index file.
But, as rightly pointed out by Lodder, please be aware, that, after template update, this code will be probably deleted. In backend simply go to extensions->template manager, click on the template you are using on the site, and click on Edit main page template link and just insert it into the <head> section.

You can also do it manually, open file in /templates/name_of_your_template/index.php and do the same as above.

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+1 for good extension recommendation, however recommending to edit the template index.php file isn't a good idea, especially in this case. If a template update is installed then changes will be lost and then OP will be wondering why his/her website doesn't have a lot of traffic ;) –  Lodder Sep 18 '13 at 14:30
Good notice, I edited my answer appropriately. –  JTC Sep 18 '13 at 14:38

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