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Working old Web UI code:

<template instantiate="if view == 'dashboard'">

Not working Polymer code:

<p>{{view}}</p> <-- this is ok, prints: dashboard 
<template if="{{view == 'dashboard'}}"> <-- not work, if I change code to use bool property something like {{showDashboard}} then works ok.

What is the correct syntax? I can't find any example of instantiate with string comparison.

**Edit. More details: Dart SDK version


  <p>int: {{score}}</p>
  <template bind if="{{score == 4}}">
    <p>ins int: {{score}}</p>
  <p>String: {{view}}</p>
  <template bind if="{{view == 'dashboard'}}">
     <p>ins String: {{view}}</p>
   <p>bool: {{showp}}</p>  
   <template bind if="{{showp}}">
     <p>ins bool: {{showp}}</p>


class AppModel extends Object with ObservableMixin {
   @observable String view = "dashboard";
   @observable int score = 4;
   @observable bool showp = true;

void main() {
 query("#templ").model = new AppModel();

And output:

int: 4
String: dashboard
bool: true
ins bool: true
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Jacek, this works for me. In one of my apps, I have the following use of conditional rendering (variable names changed to match your example):

 <template bind if="{{view == 'dashboard'}}">

In this snippet, {{view}} renders only when score equals 4:

<template bind if="{{score == 4}}">
  <h2>Score: {{score}}</h2>

And the conditionals work even if you change bind if to just if.

Can you post more code? Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere.

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