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Since android 4.2, RTL languages are fully supported.
Start and End can replace Left and Right to define layout but android 4.1 and older don't support start and end.
To use only one xml for both layout direction, we can use both start and left or end and right for retrocompatibility.
For exemple :


With android 4.3, device use only start and end parameters and ignore left and right where both are defined.

But with android 4.2.2 device use both parameters !

I have to use layout-v17 folder to duplicate each layout with start and end parameters.
There is an other solution ?

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Are you sure it's not a problem of your custom view? I've got both parameters and I've never seen this behavior. –  greywolf82 Sep 11 '14 at 18:54
With the xml you posted, the behavior would be the same whether or not both pairs of parameters were being used. Can you post an example that shows a problem? What 4.2.2 device are you using? –  Ted Hopp Sep 12 '14 at 4:08
Has anyone found a solution? I have the same problem! And it's a pain to maintain a bonus set of layout files :/ –  Arthur Feb 24 at 15:40

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Well i don't know if there is any official work around, so i have implemented a hack.

I added this to the end of my gradle.build file

String targetRTLDir = "res/layout-ldrtl"
task copyTask(type: Copy) {
    delete fileTree(dir: targetRTLDir)

    from 'res/layout'
    into targetRTLDir

    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('Right', 'RTL_R') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('Left', 'Right') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('RTL_R', 'Left') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:layout_gravity="right"', 'android:layout_gravity="rtl_r"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:layout_gravity="left"', 'android:layout_gravity="right"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:layout_gravity="rtl_r"', 'android:layout_gravity="left"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:gravity="right"', 'android:gravity="rtl_r"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:gravity="left"', 'android:gravity="right"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:gravity="rtl_r"', 'android:gravity="left"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:gravity="start"', 'android:gravity="right"') }
    filter { String line -> line.replaceAll('android:gravity="end"', 'android:gravity="left"') }


What it does is simply copy all your files from layout to layout-ldrtl and swap all left and right.

You can also replace all left and right to start and end and place it into the layout-v17 folder if you want, but i've found that this works better since android:gravity="start" does not work!

I am fairly new to Gradle, so excuse me if this can be done with a much simpler script :)

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