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I want to write something that acts just like confirm() in javascript, but I want to write it myself so I can skin the dialog box. In having trouble thinking through how I would basically force the javascript thread to wait until the user responds and then return true or false.

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If I were you, I would look at one of the popular javascript libraries. Most contain some sort of modal dialog.

A couple I found for JQuery are jqModal and SimpleModal.

When you build the modal dialog, you will have to tie events to the buttons, so you would do something like:

function askUserYesOrNo() {
  var myDialog = $('<div class="mydialog"><p>Yes or No?</p><input type="button" id="yes" value="Yes"/><input type="button" id="no" value="No"/></div>');
  myDialog.modal(); //This would have to be replaced by whatever syntax the modal framework uses

function handleYes() {
  //handle yes...

function handleNo() {
  //handle no...
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So is the takeaway here I can no longer write code like "if(confirm("text")) { //handleYes } else { //handle No } //other stuff after that? I'd like to be able to use it the same way as you use confirm. –  Bialecki Oct 9 '08 at 20:03
both of the plugins linked to have examples of overriding the confirm() –  Geoff Oct 10 '08 at 1:13
AFAIK, javascript threads are run synchronously with the UI thread. If you have ever run into a long running script that froze your browser, you've seen this. This may not be the case in Chrome, for example, but it is in most browsers in use. –  Chris Marasti-Georg Oct 10 '08 at 11:57
not answering to the question... –  Cioroianu Denis Mar 23 at 15:23

You really want to use a framework for this, because of the number of weird cross-browser issues that you'll encounter trying to build it yourself.

I've had good results using jqModal, a plugin for the jQuery framework that lets you define modal dialogs, but it's by no means the only option; try Googling jquery modal or yui modal for some alternatives.

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For Mootools, there are moo.rd's Custom.Confirm and Windoo.Confirm for your reference.

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You could use window.showModalDialog (mozilla), but it's a non-standard function introduced by Internet Explorer. Now it's also supported in Firefox 3 and Safari (I'm not sure which version, but at least 3.1 and highter, but not the iPhone).

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