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Anyone with installshield experience. I have this quick patch that will replace my recently installed exe. It works fine, no problem. However, what I need right now is to automatically run the exe after patch. How can I do this? Please let me know if you don't understand my question. :)

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After days of research, I finally found what I'm looking for. And I thought maybe it would be of help to others so I'll post it here. What I did was put an event when Finish button is clicked under the SetupCompleteSuccess dialog.(BTW, I am using Basic MSI). I put DoAction on the Event column, IS_LAUNCH_MY_PROGRAM_PLEASE on the Argument column, and PATCH as the condition. And the default application will be launch. I hope this helps to others.

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Adding that PATCH condition means the application will no longer launch on normal install if you are basing your patch on a regular upgrade, but I guess this QuickPatch project is something different from Installshield. I never tried it. –  Stein Åsmul Apr 30 '14 at 17:44

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