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I have created an entourage application and try to use GN_Entourage_Demo. However, although I placed license infos in to the GNViewController.m it gives error like that:

2013-09-18 13:26:01.682 GN_Entourage_Demo[1583:11f03] getUserACR: ERROR: User Create New: client id '1551360' not supported by current license 2013-09-18 13:26:01.683 GN_Entourage_Demo[1583:11f03] Error: Invalid User

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If 1551360 is your correct client ID, ensure that it is the ID specified in the license that the application is loading.

These should be specified in the GNViewController.m file:

/*** Enter your client id, client tag, and license info here ***/
#define CLIENT_ID  @""
#define CLIENT_TAG  @""
#define LICENSE_INFO  @""

If 1551360 is not the ID that you have defined here, it could be that the application is attempting to load a previously serialized user? The debugger should be helpful in determining this.

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