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consider following code

1) if ("Anil".equals(name)) {

is more preferrable than following (as it avoids NPEs)

2) if (name.equals("Anil")) {

I am maintaining a class that is having full of 2nd type of conditions. And i want to convert those conditions to type-1 (constant first).

So i am wondering if there is any shortcut in eclipse to do the same. eclipse refactor menu is not showing any option that would do.

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Think you should probably use regexp to replace this:

with this:

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No there isnt but you could try with an Eclipse macro recorder such as Practically Macro

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The best option I can think of is for you to write code to refactor code. Eclipse doesn't have a specific swap you are looking for.

Read the .java file like a regular file. Look for the above pattern, and try to replace it with the swap. That way you might practice some regex too.

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I am developing the AutoRefactor Eclipse plugin that does what you want and a lot more.

You first need to install the plugin from the update site http://autorefactor.org/nightly.

Once this is done, you can simply press Alt+Shit+Y and it will correctly revert all the calls to Object.equals() or String.equalsIgnoreCase() when the argument is a constant.

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