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I want to read data from an excel file and want to store it in a datatable. Previously I was using interop *excel*.But it give COM exception many time.So I want to switch to OPENXML. But I am unable to read xls file in it .It is showing Corrupted data exception.Any 1 has sample code to fix it. Which is better to read excel file ?

Is dere any way to stop COM exception ?

Which is best oledb vs excel interop vs open xml ?

I donot want any formating .Just want to read data from excel file to datatable. Excel sheet can have foreign characters like japanese, chinese letters.

Thanks in advance

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I am facing same issue. OPEN XML works great with XLSX format but not able to read XLS file. The root cause is that XLS file formats are saved actually as BINARAY FILE FORMAT. It do not support XMLformatting. Later versions supports XML formatting therefore it works.

For Work arround instead to go with OPEN XML, we can go for OLEDB connection, to read XLS file format. XLSX will only be read by 64bit version - MS Access Database Engine 2010 64bit Redistrubtion but it fails in reading XLS formats. And we cann't install both 32bit & 64bit engines together.

Excel Interop service (.dll) can be used but it comes with MS Office and on server it is not recommended to install MS Office.

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