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I have a weird "bug". I'm creating an "Edit" menu for my Mac OSX application. It shall contain copy, paste, select all et.c. I have solved the functionality by simply connecting the appropriate selectors in the first responer to the menues.

I connect my paste menuitem to paste: I connect my copy menuutem to copy:

This work great, and I am able to copy and paste using both the menu and shortcuts associated with them.

However, when connecting to the copy: selector of the first responer, two new menu options appear at the bottom: "Dictations" and "Special Character".

How do I remove them? I am creating the menus in Interface Builder in a xib-file.

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Solved it by manually removing the submenus from code:

- (void)windowDidLoad {
    [super windowDidLoad];
    [self presentModalViewController:self.bookshelfController withData:nil];

    [self removeLastMenuItemsOfRedigeraMenu];


    NSMenu *mainMenu = [NSApp mainMenu];
    for (NSMenuItem* subMenu in mainMenu.itemArray)
        if ([subMenu.title isEqualToString:@"Redigera"])
            NSArray *array = subMenu.submenu.itemArray;
            for (int i = (int)array.count-1; i >= 0; i--)
                if (i >= 11)
                    [subMenu.submenu removeItem:[array objectAtIndex:i]];

Please post if you have a better answer

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You can change the name of the menu item to any other, and through the awakeFromNib back with the name you want.

Something like:

    [_editMenuItem.submenu setTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"Edit",NULL)];

It only adds these menus when the title is "edit" on any of the supported languages​​. But just when loading the interface, then (awakeFromNib) can already put the name again.

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I don't get what you mean. My title is never "edit". It is always "Redigera" (swedish for "edit"). You suggest that setting the editMenu from code removes the "Dictations" and "Special Character"? – Sunkas Nov 11 '13 at 13:03
@Sunkas Because "Redigera" is a swedish for "edit" and this behavior occurs in translations for "edit" too. Just rename for "someName" in xib and return to "Redigera" after load will works fine. For exemple: My "edit" menu is "Editar" (Portuguese), if i call with this name will apear "Dictations" and "Special Character". So, I renamed this menu title to "someName" and on awakeFromNib I changed to "Editar" again. – Wallacy Nov 19 '13 at 12:49
thx, the app is already released but will test that – Sunkas Nov 19 '13 at 14:36

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