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It would be useful to have a visual look of the markup being generated by the unit tests. Are there any build in configuration for this?

That is, what should I do to prevent the test runner to clear the qunit-fixture element when I select to run a single test?

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Simple: don't use qunit-fixture. However, you may know that there are some implications in this choice. Also, tests are not the place to see markups. – gustavohenke Sep 18 '13 at 13:42
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As the commenter points out, you can simply not use qunit-fixture and instead have an element that you use as a fixture... but of course, if you leave the output after a test, then it isn't really a fixture.

The idea would be to add a simple <div id="test-html"> ... </div> to your test file and then operate within that for your test. It won't be cleared out after tests run, but again, it isn't really a test fixture then - use with caution.

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