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I have a script that changes the file name. It takes a directory name and added to the file name. By the way, using tr replaces a string:

0004 the name of the directory (this directory is a script) - DSC_1234.jpg

result 0004_1234.jpg

The script works if I am in a particular directory. I wanted to change a name yet in subdirectories

for i in ./*DSC*;do mv -- "$i" "${i//DSC/$BASENAME}";done
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The following should work in subdirectories:

for i in $(find . -type f); do dir="$(dirname ${i#./})"; mv "$i" "${i//DSC/$(basename $dir)}"; done
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Thank you very much devnull -it works :-) –  Pietja Sep 18 '13 at 12:20

You probably want to use find on your bash script (call that script your_script.sh):

find $ROOT_DIR -type d -exec your_script.sh \;
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