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Here is my class hierarchy

BaseEntityCRUDGridViewModel :     BaseGenericViewModel

{ }

public class BaseGenericTests<ST> : SilverlightTest 
where ST : BaseGenericViewModel

How can I do the following

public class BaseEntityCRUDGridTests<T> : BaseGenericTests<T> 
where T : BaseEntityCRUDGridViewModel

It is giving me the following error

Error   5   The type 'T' cannot be used as type parameter 'ST' in 
the generic type or method 'Commons.UnitTests.BaseGenericTests<ST>'. 
There is no implicit reference conversion from 'T' 
to 'ViewModels.BaseGenericViewModel'.       

path\BaseNavigationTests.cs 23 27 Commons

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Works fine to me... –  MarcinJuraszek Sep 18 '13 at 12:12

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I suggest refactoring in such a way that both ViewModel classes implement the same interface. Then you can put the interface requirement on the generic base class, and you can do:

public class SubGenericTest<T> : BaseGenericTest<T> where T:IGenericVewModel, SubViewModel
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Thanks Rob. Yup, it work fine there was some other effect that cause this error to came up. –  Sajid Ali Sep 18 '13 at 12:37

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