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What is the best data type to store boolean values in a database? which is supported by mostly used RDBMS types such as Mysql,oracle,postgres,mssql

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you can use TINYINT or bit datatype

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thanks I;l be using TINYINT as it is supported by many data storages –  poohdedoo Sep 19 '13 at 2:36

If the DBMS supports a real boolean type (e.g. PostgreSQL) then use that. If it doesn't I usually prefer an integer value combined with a check constraint that ensures that only 0 and 1 can be stored. In my experience it also makes sense to define the column as NOT NULL as well. Having a NULL value for a boolean is always somewhat confusing.

You won't find a single datatype that works for all DBMS. I would always use the "best" one that the DBMS offers.

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