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I Creating GUI i stetic editor (GTK#) for MonoDevelop. And i can't place widgets (like buttons) where i want. When i put button in to GUI it take all place on screen and i cant change it and place on correct spot, how to do that? I looking for something like layout manager in Java Swing.

So what component i need to use to create correct background for placing widgets?

    public MainWindow (): base (Gtk.WindowType.Toplevel)
    Build ();


This is how look my MainWidows constructor.

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Gtk+ layout is done using containers. Basically you need to place containers (Gtk.HBox, Gtk.VBox, ...) inside containers and then fill them with widgets. You can set the padding, the spacing between siblings, the relative weight when expanding, how to expand/fill and so on. Very Css-ish.

Apart from simple boxes, you have some containers that are a bit more specialized and allow you to place child widgets in special ways. For example Gtk.Table let you arrange children spanning rows and columns of the table. Gtk.Fixed allow for absolute positioning of children.

If you're using MonoDevelop look at the toolbox and experiment with the Containers widgets.

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