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<span class="validationMessage">This field is required.</span>

Currently it automaticlly add this HTML element in my web page.

  1. I want to change the text "This field is required."
  2. I want to change the placement of this span.validationMessage
  3. I want to add a specific CSS class (.err) to my textbox so that I can add a red border.

Please how can that be done with Knockout-Validation

Thank you

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You can change the default messages for a validation on a per property basis:

test: ko.observable().extend({
        required: {
            params: true,
            message: "This is required"

You can use the validationMessage binding to display the errors wherever you want:

 <span data-bind="validationMessage: test"></span>

And you can use the decorateElement and errorElementClass options (or the other validation bindings) to add some custom classes on your inputs:

    decorateElement: true,
    errorElementClass: 'err'

Demo JSFiddle.

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This fiddle doesn't appear to do anything. –  leigero Mar 19 at 12:54
@leigero yeah, there was a broken link in the fiddle. I've updated it now. –  nemesv Mar 19 at 19:03

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