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I am a newbie and i would like to give artistic effects to the images such as photocopy , blur ,glow edge, mosaic bubble ,pencil sketch ,marker , glass effect,paint brush,glow diffused effect programatically?

I want to implement it and any input is appreciated. The following link depicts what i want to do exactly...

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I believe that these effects are implemented in the GIMP.

The source code is available online This may help you see how such algorithms are implemented.

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I came to know that convolution filter matrix can help me , but how to generate such filter ?? – Ashish Dec 18 '09 at 7:13
Take a look at the different convolution matrices here Also it's probably worth picking up a copy of Digital Image Processing 3rd edition… although it's pretty expensive. – pjp Dec 18 '09 at 9:45

You should check OpenCV, it will make your life easier. It is aimed at real-time computer vision, Not really what you are after, but it has a lot of useful functionality (eg. opening/saving different image formats) and standard image operations.

Matlab/octave is also a good tool to get feeling with image processing algorithms.

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