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A batch file has to first process and print out some data from the datafile to let me select proper parameters %2 and %3 for later use. Next, I have to enter manually those two select parameters.

What syntax should I use to request and input several parameters, possibly using the SET /p command on a Win7 Pro box, when a batch file is being run, so that these parameters are then passed on to various GNU utilities which expect the %1 parameter format? Here's an example of a run.bat file and its use:

C:\run <datafile>
@set /p pattern1=Enter pattern1:
@set /p pattern2=Enter pattern2:
@awk '/%1/,/%2/' datafile

This example should print all the lines between, and inclusive of, two strings pattern1 and pattern2 from , but whatever parameter format I try for pattern1 with the set /p command (%1, %%1, %1%,...), it doesn't work.

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%1 , %2 and so on are command line parameters, you can start a batch with it:

run.bat "pattern1" "pattern2" "datafile"

and run.bat:

@echo off &setlocal
awk "/%~1/,/%~2/" "%~3"

and with set /p you can interactively set variable values:

@echo off &setlocal
set /p "pattern1=Enter first pattern: "
set /p "pattern2=Enter second pattern: "
set /p "datafile=Enter data file name: "
awk "/%pattern1%/,/%pattern2%/" "%datafile%"
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