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Using the Command Makefile.PL tyied to install but i am getting the below information how can fix this?

 No installed SSL libraries found in any of the following places.

You will have to either specify a directory location at the following prompt, or rerun the Makefile.PL program and use the --lib switch to specify the path. If the path in question is considered standard on your platform, please consider filing a bug report in order to have it taken into account in a subsequent version of Crypt::SSLeay.

This host looks like it is running Debian. Crypt::SSLeay needs to be compiled with C headers that the libssl-dev package makes available. Please install that package before trying to build this module. (You can always deinstall the package afterwards, once Crypt::SSLeay has been built). Which SSL install path do you want to use?

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Install the missing package (which is mentioned in the error message):

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

(I wonder if Crypt-SSLeay should get even user-friendlier and output this command line in the error message, so the user just needs to copy'n'paste?)

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Thanks! Resolved the dependency for me. – Nilabh Jan 26 '14 at 7:52

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