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I'm setting up a new website where the website will have multiple microsites within them and need a URL structure which is:


for example I am creating a site which allows for multiple sports clubs and each sports club can have their own microsite which is then all controlled via the same installation. So it might be I have a url such as:




I need a route to grab the microsite name so I can access it but then handle everything after it like a normal route to the controller and method.

Usually I would do something like:

$route['events/(:any)'] = "events/$1";

but I need to put something before the 'events' bit and i'm not sure what - can anyone help or point me to a how to?

I'm aware I can have multiple application directories but the microsites need to be dynamically generated....

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Uhm...(:any) ? $route['(:any)/events/(:any)'] = "events/$1/$2"; <-- adjust this accordingly. $1 is the first match, $2 the second –  Damien Pirsy Sep 18 '13 at 14:46
how did I not spot that. Thanks - saved me loads of time! –  Stuh_blue Sep 18 '13 at 14:56

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