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I get the following undefined variable error in my php log but it's clearly defined in the function below. Am I doing something wrong?

 [18-Sep-2013 15:17:23 UTC] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: the_limit in /Volumes/Mac HD/Sites/thesite/wp-content/themes/site2.7/functions.php on line 313

 class EditorsPicks extends WP_Widget{
    function __construct()
            'description' => 'Editors Picks',
            'name'        => 'Editors Picks'            );


    public function form($instance)

        // Title
        echo '<p><label for="'.$this->get_field_id('title').'">Title:</label>';
        echo '<input class="widefat" id="'.$this->get_field_id('title').'" name="'.$this->get_field_name('title').'"';
        echo 'value="';
        echo !empty($title) ? esc_attr($title) : 'Editor\'s Picks';
        echo '"/></p>';

        // Category
        echo '<p><label for="'.$this->get_field_id('category').'">Category ID:</label>';
        echo '<input class="widefat" type="number" id="'.$this->get_field_id('category').'" name="'.$this->get_field_name('category').'" value="';
        echo !empty($category) ? esc_attr($category) : 75646;
        echo '"/></p>';

        // Limit
        echo '<p><label for="'.$this->get_field_id('the_limit').'">Limit:</label>';
        echo '<input class="widefat" type="number" id="'.$this->get_field_id('the_limit').'" name="'.$this->get_field_name('the_limit').'" value="';
        echo !empty($the_limit) ? esc_attr($the_limit) : 5;
        echo '"/></p>';

    function widget($args,$instance){

        echo $before_widget;
        echo $before_title.$title.$after_title;

        global $post;

        echo '<ul class="editors_picks">';
        foreach($editors_picks as $post) : setup_postdata($post);
            $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_post_thumbnail_id(),array(236,190));

            echo '<li class="clickable">';
            echo '<a rel="nofollow" href="'.get_permalink().'" title="'.get_the_title().'"><img width="100" height="81" src="'.$image[0].'" alt="'.get_the_title().'"/></a>';
            echo '<div class="title"><a href="'.get_permalink().'" title="'.get_the_title().'">'.textLimit(get_the_title(),80).'</a></div>';
            echo '</li>';
        echo '</ul>';
        echo $after_widget;
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check the widget function, see the args or instance array contain th the limit key, probably they don't that's why in the widget function's scope the variable is undefined. – MortalViews Sep 18 '13 at 15:42
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in the function form, $title, $category, $the_limit are NOT explicitly defined. they will only be defined if they are key/value entries in the $instance array. Your best bet will be to var_dump($instance) to see if your the_limit is in there.

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