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Is there a way to assign a process to a core (or more than one core) on a multi-core system running Windows XP?

An answer using a GUI is acceptable.

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You can set a process's affinity using task manager. Right click on the process in the "Processes" tab, and select "Set Affinity...". The, uncheck all the processors you don't want it to run on.

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Thanks, I knew SO would have the answer! –  salt.racer Oct 9 '08 at 19:25

If you were talking about doing it in code (ala programming) you can utilize the SetThreadAffinityMask function

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Know if this is still the current best way in the current framework? This seems like a WinAPI method, and was curious if there is any .NET method to do this easier? –  atconway Aug 29 '13 at 20:17

You need to set the affility on the application. Here is an article that shows you how!

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Curtisk, SetThreadAffinityMask is for a thread, he wanted for a process. But for a process, it is similar: SetProcessAffinityMask.

Note that the affinity of a thread must reside within the confines of the affinity of its process, or it won't be set at all.

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Sure thing. Open the Windows Task manager, right click on the process, and select "set affinity".

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TaskManager > Applications > Rt click - Go to process > Rt click - Set Affinity

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In task manager, right click on the process (in the "Processes" view) and choose "Set affinity..."

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