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Is it possible to use other #langs in #lang scribble/lp for literate programming?

For example, I want to use #lang typed/racket in #lang scribble/lp. How to realize that?

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It doesn't appear so, but you can use a typed/racket evaluator with scribble/eval.

    #lang scribble/manual
    @(require racket/sandbox
    @(define my-evaluator
       (parameterize ([sandbox-output 'string]
                      [sandbox-error-output 'string])
         (make-evaluator 'typed/racket/base)))
    @interaction[#:eval my-evaluator

                 (: my-sqr (Real -> Real))
                 (define (my-sqr x)
                   (* x x))
                 (my-sqr 42)]

Example taken from here.

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