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I am researching into the field of evolutionary music composition. This area is vast as it covers many areas (some of them not being related to computer science but rather related to cognition and how the brain works).

While I am finding lots of information and articles, I cannot find an algorithm which I can easily implement into something tangible.

From the papers I have read, whenever there is a link to an algorithm or a system they were always dead links (as some of these papers are from the 90s).

When it comes to creative tasks, such as music and the fine arts, we can come to a conclusion that it far from trivial as it also based on emotion and not just technique. Hence, until artificial intelligence reaches the next level, whereas an artificial system is actually intelligent like a human being it is difficult to carry out such a task. However, progress in having systems compose music instead of humans has still been made.

The general idea is to have a genetic algorithm which through the process of natural selection and by having a fitness function is able to generate melodies and rhythms. The most popular fitness functions in this area are either human based, whereas a human being listens to the output and deducts how aesthetically pleasing it sounds and hence the next iteration is based on this deduction. The other way is to have a neural network which given a set of rules it starts learning to deduct if the output sounds good to a human or not.

Any help regarding factual algorithms (contrary to the abstract ones found in papers) would be extremely helpful

I thank you in advance

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Added some more specific details –  seedeg Sep 18 '13 at 17:35
The problem with using a neural network is that it requires you to objectively KNOW what the parameters for good music are. This is a pretty big assumption. It might however be good to look into music theory. –  VoronoiPotato Sep 18 '13 at 18:53