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I'm using fluent nhibernate in my application and I also use sql server 2012. this is my configuration:

public class SessionFactory
        private static ISessionFactory _sessionFactory;

        public static string ConnectionString
            get { return ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ECommerceConnectionString"].ToString(); }

        private static void Initialize()
            var config = Fluently.Configure().Database(
            _sessionFactory = config.Mappings(m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssemblyOf<ContactMapping>()).BuildSessionFactory();

        private static ISessionFactory GetSessionFactory()
            if (_sessionFactory == null)

            return _sessionFactory;

        private static ISession GetNewSession()
            return GetSessionFactory().OpenSession();

        public static ISession GetCurrentSession()
            var sessionStorageContainer = SessionStorageFactory.GetStorageContainer();

            var currentSession = sessionStorageContainer.GetCurrentSession();

            if (currentSession == null)
                currentSession = GetNewSession();

            return currentSession;

although I'm using MsSql2012Dialect but I still got the sql server compatibility error, how can I fix this please??

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can you post the full exception? "invalid object name" looks too generic –  Firo Sep 24 '13 at 12:04
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You should really use


works for me fluently

The error "Invalid object name" usually references to a SQL exception that for example a table does not exist or something like that... A full stack trace/error message would help.

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