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Encrytped text is: wMXLjsRSfO1VngHqotJXoxygP1eTktr3gc3tuhdzXpqOy1N1V8/wflJuHkn1PX7Rf3/ccvL5vzPYYaKIm3s4IMhshrwVH3p4euprwRyNTvlBPLLmZ/b/wuTXkKqRdK81V9oHocIfxerivS4oIJfA4J6fMbtKom6IoE4GVhiAsJs=

My Private Key is:


I am using Bouncy Castle in c# , when i decrypt using the encrytedtext and private key using below code:

keyPair = (AsymmetricCipherKeyPair)new PemReader(reader).ReadObject();
IAsymmetricBlockCipher cipher = new RsaEngine();
RsaKeyParameters privateKey = (RsaKeyParameters)keyPair.Private;
cipher.Init(false, keyPair.Private);
byte[] deciphered = cipher.ProcessBlock(bytesl, 0, bytesl.Length);
string decipheredText = utf8enc.GetString(deciphered);

I am getting decipheredText as

☻♣?????U??`?u????|???^H?|???☺????♦M>?→?&↔.0p?J??a?▼?S←$*▬T☼?  xQ??-??Ai9;??siqD??_???  ♥↓§?k?Ny??kr?U??↔z Mazher Ul Haq

but my actual string was "Mazher Ul Haq" , How to get actual string

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This almost looks like a padding issue. You are decrypting your string, but you are getting a lot of extra bytes on the front end of it. Take a look at the accepted answer to this SO question for a C# example of decrypting base 64 formatted encrypted text. –  gtrig Sep 18 '13 at 23:36
@gtrig thanks for your comment my problem got solved from the link you provided IAsymmetricBlockCipher cipher = new Pkcs1Encoding(new RsaEngine()); –  Mazher Ul Haq Sep 19 '13 at 1:49

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Your "encrypted text" is actually base64 text. I suspect that if you convert that into non-base64 data first, you should be fine. If you've already got it as a string, that's as simple as:

byte[] binaryData = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Text);

If you need to convert it to a string first:

string base64Text = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(base64Binary);
byte[] binaryData = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Text);
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can u explain me more specifically, i am getting an error while converting to non-base64, assuming tat encryted text is like string base64 ="that encrypted text here"; –  Mazher Ul Haq Sep 18 '13 at 18:01
Pls help to solve this problem –  Mazher Ul Haq Sep 18 '13 at 18:08
@MazherUlHaq: "I am getting an error" gives us very little information. There's no way I can help you with so little to go on. –  Jon Skeet Sep 18 '13 at 18:34
Thanks for your answer but it dint help, i solved problem using by adding padding IAsymmetricBlockCipher cipher = new Pkcs1Encoding(new RsaEngine()); –  Mazher Ul Haq Sep 19 '13 at 1:48

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