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is there a way where i can enter a city name and get the latitude and longitude for that location as i am trying to take a list of cities and dynamically populate a google maps webpage.

I have the idea of the code below but i dont have the Latitude or Longitude points.

        foreach (City city in cities)
            markerString.AppendLine("       var point" + i + " = new GLatLng(" + city .Location.Latitude + "," + city .Location.Longitude + ");");
            markerString.AppendLine("       var marker" + i + " = new GMarker(point" + i + ");");
            markerString.AppendLine("       marker" + i + ".value = " + i + ";");
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Yes. This is known as geocoding.

Google's javascript geocoding API:


A C# library for geocoding: (uses either Google, Yahoo or Microsoft).

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