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I want to reset a static field using BCEL, for instance

private static final int myValue = 1;

to myValue = 2. Using another bytecode library such as ASM is not possible.

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Look up the ConstantValue attribute –  Antimony Sep 18 '13 at 19:04

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The code in my question: Injecting code in an existing method using BCEL used to edit a static array. I however later changed it to edit a local variable. The code to edit a static variable was something like this:

InstructionList il = new InstructionList();
InstructionFactory f = new InstructionFactory(constantPoolGen);
il.append(new PUSH(contantPoolGen, 2));
il.append(new ISTORE());

The InstructionList I used got injected in a method so i'm not sure if that works for you..

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