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I have a field where a user can manually enter a code for a new product. It cannot be a db-generated ID as the user needs control over the code.

As this will require a round-trip to the server to check, my intention was to trigger this check as the "keyup" event happens (a bit like a live filter would work) so that there is instantaneous feedback about the entered code (and probably CSS-based colour/image reinforcement). Admittedly for this particular function I may choose to do it onblur instead of keyup but there may well be other situations where I require a check on keyup.

Is this fundamentally a bad thing or not? A round-trip to the server to check if an item code exists (primary key) should be a very fast process but with a slow connection I'm just wondering if there could be a race condition whereby a fast typer stacks up the db calls faster than it can return and then a situation may emerge whereby a "submit" button is enabled when it shouldn't be. Of course I would also back this up with db-level checking on submission of the form, but I'm trying to make this as apparently responsive as possible.

Is it generally a bad idea to do keyup checking on any data source that's not held in memory or is this an acceptable practise?

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Since you use knockout you can use throttle

ViewModel = function() {
    this.text = ko.observable().extend({ throttle: 500 });
    this.text.subscribe(this.onText, this);

ViewModel.prototype = {
    onText: function(value) {
        console.log("ajax call");


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All answers were helpful, thanks. I particularly like this one as it utilises knockout. –  TheMook Sep 19 '13 at 7:37

There's never going to be a race condition if you abort any previous ajax request on the next keyup.


(function() {
  var xhr; //a reference to an XMLHttpRequest Object

  var onKeyUpCallback = function() {
    if(xhr) {

    xhr = ... //build your XHR object



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Could you possibly point me towards any snippets of code online that give an example of how I could do this please? Or add to your answer? –  TheMook Sep 18 '13 at 18:18
for jquery, this should help: stackoverflow.com/questions/446594/… –  agartee Sep 18 '13 at 18:20

If you want to check at real time, you can approach in this way. When user types data and halts for a while then send you ajax request to check for existence of that particular thing in database.

Call a function on key up event but do not send request until user stops for a while

var timer;
function onkeyups()
  timer = setTimeout(function(){callRequest();},500) // the delay, after how much millisecond the ajax call should be made when user has stopped typing

function callRequest()
// Make your ajax call or whatever

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