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is there any way to use agile toolkit without using js features? I know that we can disable js lib (jUI) but I want to have normal CRUD and grids(without jquery)

In other word, can we use agile as if it was like other frameworks?

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Yes, this is possible, but you won't be able to use some of the features of Agile Toolkit (including CRUD).

Commonly this is used in the Front-end development. For example, you would want to have your own Lister (or CompleteLister) template which will link directly to editing page:

enter image description here

Set js_widget property of Form to null to disable JS enhancement. This way Agile Form would be submitted normally, no AJAX. You would need to act accordingly inside isSubmitted() check.

CRUD, Popovers and many other features wouldn't work, but then again other frameworks don't offer them to you anyway.

See also:

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