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When i try to install a package using pip it first tries to fetch from a url which no longer exists which leads to the following error

Cannot fetch index base URL http://xyz.xxx:8080/simple/

but it goes on to download and install the package from pypi.I want to get rid of this index base url, i don't want to see this message every time.I don't remember how i added this url but it was a valid private package index at some point.I've already gotten rid of the url from the /etc/hosts file but pip still tries to fetch packages from that location.

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It looks like there is a pip configuration file where you've added the URL. Quote from docs:

The names and locations of the configuration files vary slightly across platforms.

On Unix and Mac OS X the configuration file is: $HOME/.pip/pip.conf

On Windows, the configuration file is: %HOME%\pip\pip.ini

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found it and got rid of the url, thank you. –  bosco- Sep 18 '13 at 19:14
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