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I'm creating a reusable view and want to allow a dataSource to define the text that appears in a header. To make the reusable view more handy, I'd like to use a dataSource method that retrieves a NSAttributedString to place in the UILabel in the header. The issue I'm having is that long text seems to make the text move down vertically within the UILabel. Here are some screenshots.

Plain Text with a long string: enter image description here

Attributed text with a long string: enter image description here

My question is, why does the text move downward, and more importantly, how do I fix it.


  • Shorter text looks identical
  • The Truncate Middle and Minimum Font Scale of 0.5 settings are required.

Thanks for the help!

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This must have been an issue in Xcode 5.0.1 or in OS X 10.9 because it's not showing up on my current system (XCode 5.0.2, OS X 10.9.2). Here are some screenshots of a test view with 2 UILabels on it. One is using plain text while the other is using attributed text. They have the same font (Helvetica Neue Light 15), Autoshrink settings and text.

Plain: enter image description here

Attributed: enter image description here

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