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I work for a network management company and I want to write a .Net application (MVC 4) that will allow us to service Active Directory users from a cloud-based application.

As I have never written a cloud-based app, I don't know if I'm using that term correctly or not. I am in the requirements gathering stage. Basically, I'd like to provide our customers with the ability, for example, to change their own password using our cloud-based application.

  • is this an application that should be written specifically using Azure? If not, what tools and platform(s) should I take into consideration?

  • What tutorials or other resources are available ?

Actually, I don't even know enough about Active Directory and Cloud computing to ask the right questions. But, I hope someone will point me in the right direction

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Read How to Authenticate Web Users with Windows Azure Active Directory Access Control. There are great walk-throughs there. There is more reading and code samples here - Access Control Service 2.0.

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That's using ACS.

You could go direct to Azure Active Directory if you wished?

Refer: Adding Sign-On to Your Web Application Using Windows Azure AD.

If you use Office 365, you already have an AAD tenant.

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