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I am trying to get data from 3 tables in MySQL and change/merge their column names. Right now when I set the column names using AS they are coming in as duplicates.

people Table:

id    applicant_id    employee_id
1     3               6          
2     4               10         
3     12              30            

applicants Table:

id    applicant_id    applicant_note    applicant_note_date
1     3               "Was good"        2013-05-01
1     4               "Was so-so"       2013-06-07
2     4               "Was bad"         2013-06-08
3     4               "Was great"       2013-06-10

employees Table:

id    employee_id    employee_note    employee_note_date
1     10              "Was ok"        2013-07-20
1     10              "Was great"     2013-07-21
2     30              "Was bad"       2013-08-01
3     30              "Was so-so"     2013-08-02

All I have is employee_id. I want to make sure that I am getting ALL notes from both employee and applicant, and I want them to be merged into the same column instead of having duplicate columns with NULL values. I want to return results like below:

note            date          type
"Was so-so"     2013-06-07    applicant
"Was bad"       2013-06-08    applicant
"Was great"     2013-06-10    applicant
"Was ok"        2013-07-20    employee
"Was great"     2013-07-21    employee

Where I am at now is:

    applicants.applicant_note AS note,
    applicants.applicant_note_date AS date,
    employees.employee_note AS note,
    employees.employee_note_date AS date
    IF(applicants.applicant_id IS NULL, 'employee', 'applicant') as type
    people.employee_id = employees.employee_id
    applicants.applicant_id = people.applicant_id
    employees.employee_id = 10    

Is there a way to get this accomplished using only SQL? Or will I have to run separate queries to get the applicant id with the employee id?

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You need to use UNION ALL

SELECT  employee_note note,
        employee_note_date date,
        'employee' type
FROM    people a
        INNER JOIN employees b
            ON a.employee_ID = b.employee_ID
WHERE   a.employee_ID = 10
SELECT  applicant_note note,
        applicant_note_date date,
        'applicant' type
FROM    people a
        INNER JOIN applicants b
            ON a.applicant_id = b.applicant_id
WHERE   a.employee_ID = 10
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Excellent! However on the first SELECT, couldn't you just skip the INNER JOIN and just do the WHERE based on the employee id in the notes table? I tried it and it seems to be working fine, just curious to hear your reasoning for using the INNER JOIN –  doitlikejustin Sep 19 '13 at 0:00

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