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I am working on bringing up two Linux systems, both based on Freescale PowerPC devices, one is a MPC8349, the other a P1020. I was able to build, install and boot the kernel on both cards. The toolchains and RAMdisk images are coming from the LTIBs packages from Freescale. Both cards have a 32 MByte flash memory mapped at the same address.

I have the following problem : the P1020 board boots fine using the RAM disk with the flash in the device tree , shows the flash device partitions (JFFS2) and DOESN"T try to mount a flash partition as root. The MPC8349 boots fine from the RAM disk but, after identifying the flash partitions, the kernel panics because is looking for a flash partition to mount as root partition and none of them is usable (not formatted). If I remove the flash from the device tree, the card boots fine using the RAM disk.

I am not too familiar with Linux boot scripts and I didn't figure out where I can disable this tentative of mounting the MTD partition. I want the boards to boot and mount the RAM disk, as the P1020 board does. The flash partition will be initialized and mounted at a later time, but not as root partition.



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It's a bit difficult to give an answer as you don't show us any configuration information.

But, in general, Linux kernel requires a root file system, so it has to be provided one way or another, otherwise it will panic during the boot. The rootfs information is often passed to the kernel via the bootstring from the loader. You can see your boot arguments with command dmesg right in the beginning of the log.

For example in your case as you are using MTD partitions, it might look like this:

console=ttyAMA0,115200 root=/dev/mtdblock3 ro rootfs=squashfs rootwait

The console parameter specifies the serial console, but it's only related to the serial console output, so it's not related to this. The third (/dev/mtdblock3) partition on the mtd device is now specified as rootfs. It is going to be mounted read-only (ro flag), and the file system type is specified as squashfs (rootfs=squashfs). keyword rootwait tells the kernel to wait indefinitely until mount happens, mainly for asynchronous devices (usb, mmc). You can find more information about different boot arguments in https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt

Now, this string is passed to your kernel by the loader, I'm not familiar with your board, but a quick google tells me that Freescales BSP for that contains u-boot loader. You should be able to find your boot arguments somewhere under board configuration file for u-boot, so maybe grep:ping the u-boot source with the boot parameters you find with dmesg you can find it. You might get good hint at the difference by comparing the boot strings between those 2 boards..

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