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This is namely a multi-site or multiple domain issue, using Ruby on Rails and Devise gem.

My Environment:

I'm developing a rails application for an enterprise, with multiple companies inside the corporate structure. The enterprise has its in-house legacy authentication system. In order to make use of it, I implemented a remote_authenticatable module according to this.



Here is the case, there are two legacy systems, located in two domains, namely

  • mydomain1.com
  • mydomain2.com

What I need to do, is to build a single system, that serves login from two domains

  • login.mydomain1.com/users/sign_in
  • login.mydomain2.com/users/sign_in

and based on the domain using, use corresponding Devise strategy and legacy login, and I will know where the user comes from and do the following actions accordingly.


Is it possible to build such a system?

  1. One Rails, with two domains
  2. Use corresponding strategy, based on the incoming domain
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