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I am building a simple quiz to learn javascript...

Here is a simple model of how I want to handle the answers demo
This works for when my Qs&As array is in this format -->

allButtons = [["Milk", "Butter", "Cheese"],["Water", "Beer", "Wine"]];

I am trying to understand this particular part -->

$(allButtons[index]).each(function (i) {
answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + allButtons[index][i] + '">' + allButtons[index][i] + '<br>'

and apply it to this example here
as this is how I initially have my Qs&As set up where the format of the array is different -->
allButtons = [[Questions...][PossibleAnswers...][Answers]]
I have given it a go but not successfully

So how do i do the same thing with this different Q&A array format?

PS. I could just change my format, but first I would like to explore this first.

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working version – HattrickNZ Sep 19 '13 at 21:47
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Why were you using index2 in $.each?

Also it should be [i] for indexing and not {i}

$("#up").on("click", function () {
    var answers = '';
    $(allButtons[1][index]).each(function (i) {
        answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '">' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '<br>'

    $("#answers").hide(); //required to show it slowly 
    $("#answers").html(answers); //show my answers 
    $("#answers").show('slow'); //slowly fade in Answers 

    index += 1;


Is this what you were looking for?

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tks I see my mistake now doh! $(allButtons[1][index]**[index2]**).each(function (i) { answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + allButtons[1][index]**{i}** + '">' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '<br>' }); – HattrickNZ Sep 19 '13 at 21:41

Just for my reference, and slightly related

trying to get the value of the radio button that was selected here... -- this works but I may have to change the way my radio buttons are written to get the right index this needs changing

$(allButtons[1][index]).each(function (i) {
answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '">' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '<br>'

changed it to this and it works this is what I want

$(allButtons[1][index]).each(function (i) {
answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + i + '">' + allButtons[1][index][i] + '<br>'
}); - note a and b now work the way we want in this format, e nver got to work right, and c and d are from the previous one

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