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I am aware that xml files are text files that cannot be password protected, but I am looking for a way to protect a bunch of xml files from being easily viewed. They are needed though for my winform application. Can I package them into a .lib or .dll? If so, how do I read from them if in a dll? Sorry, quite new to programming. Thanks

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Yes you can embed any file into your assembly

  1. goto to the Project Properties
  2. there is a tab called "Resources"
  3. in the Toolbar open the drop Down "Add Resource" and select "Add Existing File"

You can access your resource in your code with:

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It deepens on how far your want to go. You could just serialize your XML to binary, that would most likely stop 99% of nosy people. To take it a step further you could also Encrypt your XML.

How to encrypt and decrypt a file by using Visual C#

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