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I have android tab, folder with two files: -index.html

<a href="test.pdf">LINK</a>

-file test pdf

On PC, i clicked on LINK and test.pdf opens. On android default browser, i clicked on LINK and test.pdf opens on kingsoft office. But on android dolphin browser i clicked on LINK but test.pdf will not opens, opens only kingsoft office. I have the feeling, that the dolphin browser loses a link (or thinks it is wrong link) on the file and opens only the office. Anybody can help me?

If i try open LINK on new tab in dolphin browser, i get following error: The url is not supported for download!

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even technical support did not answer. –  Mikhail Feb 18 at 10:41

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instead of a relative path, <a href="/test.pdf";>LINK</a>, have you tried an absolute path? For example, <a href="http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/test.pdf";>LINK</a>

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