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Can any one tell me the best practice for initializing config variables and read that variables in gems?

Have tried with the following steps: This code is written in gem

config = YAML.load_file("#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/config.yml")
 @key = config["config"]["key"]
 server = config["config"]["server"]

and created yml file in config/config.yml in rails application.

Thanks in advance,


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I did it once like following:

module YourGem
  class YourClass

    @config = { :username => "foo", :password => "bar" } # or @config = SomeHelperClass.default_config if the config is more complex
    @valid_config_keys = @config.keys

    # Configure through hash
    def self.configure(opts = {})
      opts.each { |k,v| @config[k.to_sym] = v if @valid_config_keys.include? k.to_sym }

    # Configure through yaml file
    def self.configure_with(path_to_yaml_file)
        config = YAML::load(IO.read(path_to_yaml_file))
      rescue => e
        raise "YAML configuration file couldn't be found: #{e}"



And in your Rails Application, where you require your gem, you can add an initializer and configure like following:



This solution provides a default config, and the possibility to add a own yaml file to change the default values.

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Thanks alot Mattherick. –  Jagdish Barabari Sep 20 '13 at 6:11

I've found my favourite way to set config variables in rails is using the figaro gem. Figaro basically makes use of the ENV['x'] method that is available throughout rails. It stores all your config variables inside a common application.yml file and makes all the constants accessible via the ENV variable.

The bonus is that this translates 1 to 1 with the way Heroku does things as well.

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