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I dont no anything about QlikView but there is a requirement now for pasting an Image from QlikView clipboard to Webpage dynamically. We are able to paste image now into Webpage and even it is getting stored in database and even it can be retrieved from database to webpage. But the problem is while pasting from QlikView clipboard to Webpage the image isnt displaying in the specified area. But the same image can be stored and can be retrived back to same web page and it gets displayed. So need to know in what format does the QlikView image will be and why its not able to display the image in web page which is copied from qlikview clipboard.

We have used Asp.Net C# for developing our Web Portal and SQL Server2008 Database the code which we have written to copy,paste,save and retrive image works fine. And the image gets displayed too if we copy an image file from any other source.

For information: QlikView image which is copied from its clipboard gets pasted and displayed in Excel,Word or other documents. Have tried and tested it but not with Web Portal.

So please suggest me some solution if anybody knoows about it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You

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You say you implemented the copy, paste, save so you should be able to detemine the image type and its up to you how to store (and display) it. –  smartmeta Sep 20 '13 at 6:37
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