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I need advice on selecting one of the above frameworks for HTML5 UI development (I am quite new to this end of the world). One of the main requirement is to keep the UI development as simple as possible by reusing/modifying the existing UI controls.

We need it to be lightweight and stable in the production environment (which speaks with Spring MVC). A quick summary of PRO's and Con's from the experienced hands would be really helpful.

P.S. Influenced by few good reviews on HTML Kickstart(lightweight nature), I had a quick look and it seems to be good bet with handful number of UI controls (roots from Font Awesome). I am little apprehensive about its stability / flexibility in productions environment.

Thanks In Advance

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In case you do chose Bootstrap, consider TwitterBootstrapMVC for even faster development –  Dmitry Sep 22 '13 at 22:35

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For the visual, support, quality -> Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate are from different goals but complement each other.

For more good and condensed and complete, read this book HTML5 Enterprise Application Development, have a lot of things explained, not in detail, but will show some names, and you can chose you want.

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About HTML Kickstart i saw it and i think doesn't have an updated view, almost always the frameworks front-end has a structure of 12 columns, so Bootstrap use 12 columns, and has a community very active. About HTML5 Boilerplate is a starting point to build a web page in HTML5 so both have differents targets and both can help each other. So you can use both. Skeleton is another rival of Bootstrap and i think if you need build a website with menu, navbar, lists, tables, slider, forms, etc. Bootstrap has these components, so you would need only copy and paste, while Skeleton is only a basic structure of columns, not more.

So the best is use both, HTML5 Boilerplate with Bootstrap, both can give you a website safe and responsive.

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