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I have two NSTextViews that I want synced together. I'm using ReactiveCocoa to generate RACChannelTerminals from their cocoa bindings.

RACChannelTerminal *terminal1 = [textView1 rac_channelToBinding:@"attributedString" options:@{ NSContinuouslyUpdatesValueBindingOption: @(YES) }];
RACChannelTerminal *terminal2 = [textView2 rac_channelToBinding:@"attributedString" options:@{ NSContinuouslyUpdatesValueBindingOption: @(YES) }];

So naturally I thought the next step was just to make a RACChannel, then plug in both terminals to it.

RACChannel *channel = [RACChannel new];
channel.leadingTerminal = terminal1;
channel.followingTerminal = terminal2;

But then the compiler says nope: Assignment to read only property. It seems like this should be straight forward, so what am I doing wrong here? How do I create a RACChannel-like binding with my own terminals?

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The two RACChannelTerminals need to be subscribed to each other.

[terminal1 subscribe:terminal2];
[terminal2 subscribe:terminal1];

The initial value will be ignored, syncing won't happen until new text is entered.


To have them initially synced, I did this:

NSString *initialText = textView1.stringValue;

// ... setup channel terminals

[[terminal1 startWith:initialText] subscribe:terminal2];
[[terminal2 startWith:initialText] subscribe:terminal1];
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Is there a way to manually force a one-time sync after they're subscribed to each other? – yourfriendzak Sep 20 '13 at 3:12
I updated my answer to show one possible solution for initial sync. – Dave Lee Sep 20 '13 at 3:46

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