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I was using the Inconsolata in VS2012 as it is a very nice font for programming.

But now VS2013 is not displaying it very nicely. See the image. It's displaying a bit smaller, a bit more roughly. Any ideas?

Difference in font


I took another close look at the image at pixel level and I found that the characters are rendered exactly the same. The only big difference is that in VS2012 there is 1 pixel between each character, while in VS2013 there is no pixel in between.

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I'd raise this as a bug using the Visual Studio 2013 Feedback tool. You can install it from the gallery if you haven't got it already.

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I reported this same issue a few weeks ago in Microsoft Connect: http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/806254/fonts-are-blurry-stretched-and-faded-in-2013

I would recommend upvoting it and commenting that you are experiencing the same issue. I would mention the font you are using as well.

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