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I'm very new on Drupal 7, I've been trying to customize my home page by adding my own html on page.tpl.php, which works fine but my problem is that the what I add on the home page appears on all the other pages as well and I don't want that. Can anyone tell me is the anther instead of page.tpl.php where I can put my html code so it show only on the home page or is there code I can insert so my html appears only on the home page?

please help, and please give a step by step solution as I'm a noob when it come to Drupal.

thank you in advance...........

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The Template file must be named as

page-front.tpl.php(Drupal 6)
page--front.tpl.php(Drupal 7)

This only affects the front page of the site.

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You can use the template files

page-front.tpl.php (Drupal 6)

page--front.tpl.php (Drupal 7)

Put page-front.tpl.php (Drupal 6) OR page--front.tpl.php (Drupal 7) in your themes folder (/sites/all/themes/your_theme), and then clear the site chache here: (Drupal 7) (Drupal 6)

Your templates will work.

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You can use panels to quickly customize the page. And you can specify any page as front page in Drupal. Go to Configure > site information and set the front page. Panels gives you flexibility in building the layout & adding content on it. Its the quickest way to build a custom page in Drupal

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There is variable available in page.tpl.php that return true if you are in front page : $is_front, you can check that before you add your htmls

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